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  Caution : Jindal Nature Cure Institute, Bengaluru has no other branch or Franchisee.

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Talk by Dr. SR Jindal, Founder

Nature cure is a way of life. It is pure and drugless science but a slow process requiring patience and faith. The patients' own..

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Health Museum (HEC)

Educating about health is one of the important parts of nature cure and hence JNI has opened a Health Museum to create..

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How to get Admission

For availing benefits of Naturopathy, admission is required in the Institute. An application containing all medical details should..

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First day @ JNI

The Campus Map shows all the important areas of activity in which you would spend most of your time during your stay..

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What You Need To Bring

Patients are advised to bring few items which thus will be required for their daily activities..

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Events & News

Activities and Events in JNI offer abundant opportunity to learn drugless system of healing..

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