Losing weight can be an uphill task. From crash diets to fad workouts, many methods often result in sudden weight loss only to gain back just as quickly. With sedentary lifestyles and access to junk food at an all-time high, losing weight may seem impossibly hard.


Thankfully, natural methods are proven to be effective in the obesity treatment in Bangalore and in the nature cure centers at other parts of the world. Unlike crash diets, natural treatments ensure long-term weight loss. Here are 6 natural treatments to lose those kilograms:


  1. Yoga

Yoga is a traditional method that transforms the body and mind. Practising pranayama and yoga asana helps reduce fat tissue, strengthen the muscles and increase bone density.


  1. Naturopathic Diet

A naturopathic diet endorses a diet which is a combination of fruits and vegetables mostly in raw form keeping their naturality. .The method of cooking employed is also essential to ensuring optimum health. At Jindal Nature cure centre in Bangalore, the food is carefully prepared to preserve all the nutrients.


  1. Oil Massage

A full-body oil massage using lukewarm oil has immeasurable benefits. The oil massage therapy manipulates and mobilises the nutritive values, fat, nerves and stimulates the internal organs, to improve health.


  1. Mud Therapy

An ancient therapy dating back thousands of years, mud therapy is used to absorb toxins from the body, aiding in weight loss and many other ailments.


  1. Steam and Sauna

Steam and sauna baths are designed to speed up the body’s basal metabolic rate, burning fat and also helping flush out toxins and alleviating stress.


  1. Fasting Therapy

Fasting can help drain the toxins, accumulated in the body. Fasting once a week accompanied by a warm water enema can aid in eliminating fat tissue. However, just not eating food cannot be termed as fasting. There are different kinds of fasting that will help you gain your health objective. Talk to naturopathy doctors at Jindal Naturecure Institute to prepare a diet and a fasting plan just for you.


Jindal Naturecure Institute provides these treatments to aid in long-term healthy weight loss. Our programs are exclusively designed to cater to every individual’s health requirements. If you are actively looking for obesity treatment in Bangalore, get in touch with us to find out how natural treatments can help manage obesity.