Sinus Treatment In Bangalore

Sinusitis (infection of paranasal sinuses) usually occurs as a result of cold, or can result from swelling of the nasal passages, due to any obstruction or nasal deformity. Acute sinusitis may be caused by viruse, bacteria or rarely a fungal infectionn.

Naturopathic Management


  • Fast on fruit juices or lemon juice.
  • Consume plenty of fruits & vegetables like oranges, mango, papaya, carrot, beetroot, green leafy vegetables, tomato.
  • Add herbs like garlic, onion, and ginger to your diet.
  • Avoid frozen foods, cool drinks, milk and milk products, fried food and foods with high amount of coloring agents and added flavors.


  • Warm water enema for 2-3 days to eliminate toxins, followed by fasting on liquids will relieve symptoms.
  • Mud pack on abdomen twice daily.
  • Massage over the sinus region help in draining out the accumulated mucus.
  • Hot foot & arm bath diverts blood supply to the upper and lower limb, followed by facial steam gives relief in headache and heaviness.
  • Steam/sauna bath also help in clearing the congestion of sinuses.
  • Avoid exposure to allergies like dust, pollens, gases etc.
  • Yoga therapy: kriyas like jalaneti, sutraneti, will help in cleaning nasal passage and prevents the polyps.
  • Pranayamas: like anuloma, viloma, kapalbhati and bhastrika are beneficial.

AYUSH & CGHS approved

QCI – NABH recommended

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