In hydrotherapy, water is used in different ways; for example steam baths, hip baths, spinal baths, cold body packs and local compresses. The purpose is to dissolve and assist in the elimination of toxic substances stored in the body tissue through increasing blood circulation. Hip bath is one of the most useful forms of hydrotherapy. … Continue reading “HIP BATH”


  With natural therapies such as Naturopathy, Yoga & Acupuncture, one may experience an initial increase in symptoms, or what is known as a ‘healing crisis. ‘ This crisis usually lasts around three or four days and can be similar to what one experiences when ill. Also known as “Herxheimer Reaction” (medical term). Process of … Continue reading “HEALING CRISIS”


What is sprouts? Sprouts are miracle food, a great source of nutrients having high food potency. Sprouts are germinated seeds of grains or legumes. In the process of germination, it acquires properties of growing and preserving the life which will help in rejuvenation and health promotions. In Naturopathy, sprouts are considered as living food. Sprouts … Continue reading “SPROUTS”


For keeping a sound health, we need many different vitamins and minerals to function in harmony in our body. Vitamins and minerals offer us protection against a host of ailments, including heart disease and some types of cancers, such as colon and cervical cancer. We can get most of the vitamins and minerals our bodies … Continue reading “DO YOU REALLY NEED TO TAKE MULTI VITAMINS?”


Pain in the lower back is very common. Fortunately, 70 percent of people who have low back pain get better within two weeks. And more than 90 percent get better within four to six weeks. Inflammation (swelling) of the joints, muscles or discs in the back often causes low back pain. Physical activities especially repetitive … Continue reading “ACHING BACK”


Maintaining a good oral health seems simple, but people need to know the basics of how to brush properly. Yes, we do brush our teeth every day, but are we doing it right? It is important as the healthier your mouth is, the healthier our body will be. Here are some tips to maintain good … Continue reading “ORAL HYGIENE AND DIET”


Salt is a crystalline material made up of two elements – sodium and chloride. Sodium and chloride are absolutely essential for life. The daily recommended amount is no more than 6 gms a day. Usually what we call salt may be sea salt, rock salt etc. They serve important functions like helping brain and nerves, … Continue reading “BEWARE OF COMMON SALT”

Prevent Coronary Heart Disease (CAD)

Coronary heart disease or ischemic heart disease is a group of disease which includes stable angina, unstable angina, myocardial infarction and sudden death. The mechanism involves reduction of blood flow and oxygen to the heart due to deposits of plaque in the artery (made up of fat, calcium, abnormal cells) known as Atherosclerosis.  Major Risk … Continue reading “Prevent Coronary Heart Disease (CAD)”

Micro Greens – Nutrient Packed Greens

Micro greens are the seedlings of vegetables and herbs. Once the seed of an herb or vegetable begins to grow, it is considered a sprout. Once the sprout begins to grow, the baby plant is considered a micro green. Sprouts and micro greens are not one and the same. Sprouts are usually grown in water … Continue reading “Micro Greens – Nutrient Packed Greens”

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