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Jindal Naturecure Institute is one of the leading naturopathy centres in India and we are the centre of choice when it comes to alternate therapy. Our treatment modalities focus on manipulative therapies, diet, exercise and yoga to manage many disorders and health conditions. We treat a variety of diseases from abdominal disorders, arthritis, diabetes, insomnia, depression, hormonal problems, blood pressure and menstrual disorders. A quick glance through the Jindal Nature Cure Institute reviews online highlight how we operate – we focus on diagnosing the root cause of the problem first and only then set about prescribing therapy and treatment.


We have state of the art diagnostic facilities and employ them to arrive at the root of the problem and then work towards helping the patient recover and manage the condition with exercise and therapies. We believe in strict diet and discipline as these are sure to help the body recuperate from ailments. The fundamental principle behind naturopathy is the balance between the Panchamabhutha and given today’s sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits, most of the patients suffer from hormonal issues, obesity, diabetes and various other lifestyle disorders. We believe that most of these conditions can be managed with dietary and lifestyle changes. All the Jindal Nature Cure Institute reviews focus on how our philosophy has helped patients manage their condition and in some cases get rid of them completely without having to take steroids and other NASAIDS.


Jindal Nature Cure Institute Bangalore is famed throughout the country for its effective treatment of various diseases and disorders. Check out some of the reviews below.

User Reviews

Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore Ratings and Reviews

Jay Ganesh

Got a new found respect for my body

Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore Ratings and Reviews jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore Ratings and Reviews


“I was quite negligent of my health and that of course took a toll! I tried a variety of cures and still wasn’t able to find any relief. JNI was recommended by a friend and frankly the drugless healing idea appealed to me pretty much! At JNI, they follow naturopathy along with exercise and Yoga and these are very effective when it comes to pain management and managing life style based disorders. The best part about it was the health awareness and I began to love getting up early, practise Yoga and started respecting my body. I had a lovely experience there altogether and I do exercises and Yoga at home even today. Also, I have started using a lot more vegetarian food in my diet since then as they extol vegetarianism and I too find that it has a lot of health related advantages. The only problem is, the course is too much regimented, and I am not sure how long I shall be able to maintain it . No wonder that I found lot of repeaters!”

Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore Ratings and Reviews


Good experience altogether, helped me a lot

jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review


“I stayed in Jindal Nature Care recently for about a week and the treatment was very effective. Not only that, the doctors there take a lot of care to educate the patient as to the problem or affliction and make them aware of what sort of changes are necessary in their lifestyle and diet in order for them to lead a better life. I particularly enjoyed the health museum – it is a very interesting place and it highlights as to how one can make simple dietary adjustments and how certain simple treatments are very effective in pain relief and controlling certain ailments. Not only did I get better, I also learnt a lot of things about drugless healing and the power of one’s body. I would most certainly recommend to everyone. Although I had come in one of those Deluxe Accommodation, the waiting period is really disappointing .Moreover, the phone lines are another big irritation, as it is always busy, and is almost a windfall to get a chance to talk to them . But of course, they are polite.”


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