Located at the outskirts of Bangalore on the Tumkur road is one of India’s best Naturopathy hospitals. The Jindal Naturecure Institute was established by Dr. S. R. Jindal in the year 1978. A philanthropist and industrialist hailing from Tumkur, Dr. Jindal is the founder of the Sitaram Jindal Foundation that is involved in many charitable services such as providing top quality education, medical care, and infrastructure development in rural areas. The naturopathy hospital spread across 120 acres is filled with lush greenery, well-tended lawns, and colourful flowers. Natural Lake giving one of the city’s best sunset points is another major attraction of this Naturopathy hospital.

It is one of the top naturopathy hospitals in India that offers drugless alternative methods of medical treatment to people from varied economic backgrounds. The Jindal Naturopathy hospital was established with the aim to provide natural medical treatment for medical ailments.

The various naturopathy treatments available at Jindal Naturecure Institute are:

The doctors at this renowned naturopathy hospital are considered to be best in India. The highly experienced doctors are experts in their field of choice. The hospital has trained therapists, attendants, and helpers to aid its patients through their treatment.

Jindal Naturecure Institute believes in providing holistic treatment to all its patients.  The patient is asked to submit their medical history, family medical history, food habits, lifestyle and other details. These details help the doctors identify the root cause of the medical ailment. Naturopathy treatments focus on treating the disease from the source and not just the symptoms. This is the reason that natural treatments could take a longer time to give the results, but the results will be long lasting. In addition, there is minimal or no side effects of this drugless system of medicine.

Treatment duration depends upon the individual’s medical condition and the types of treatment recommended by the doctors of this Naturopathy hospital. The institutes’ campus can provide luxurious as well as economical accommodation at various tariffs. From organizing the diet to helping the patients, do their daily yoga and exercise, the staff take care of everything, from the first to the last day of treatment.

Want to know more about the natural treatments offered at Jindal Naturecure Institute? Visit the campus today. You can also apply for admission on the online form available on the website.