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JNI is the leading Yoga Institute in Bangalore and we are one of the most sought after naturopathy centres in India. Naturopathy has long been associated with drugless healing and over the years has evolved as a combination of exercise, yoga and dietary changes that helps fight various lifestyle disorders. Whether it is diabetes or stress, most of the diseases prevalent today are a result of poor lifestyle – junk food, sedentary jobs, no exercise, smoking, drinking, substance abuse and erratic sleep patterns. Naturopathy is a holistic system that aims at healing the body by restoring the balance between its inner elements and educating the human mind about the importance of maintaining this balance.


Most of the Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore reviews highlight the importance we place on strict discipline when it comes to diet and exercise and how it has helped patients manage pain and their health conditions effectively. Yoga, aquatic exercise, manipulative therapies and dietary changes are prescribed as per the patients’ condition and even when they complete the program, they are asked to follow the same on a daily basis. Though it is difficult to follow the program rigorously, doing so will help the patient lead a healthy existence and many have managed to do so as evident from the Jindal Naturecure ratings and reviews available on the internet.


We try and reach out to genuine patients and our tariffs for the downtrodden and poor patients are very much subsidized. In some cases, we do offer free treatments as well. The motive behind JNI is to reach out to people in need of treatment irrespective of their economic status and contribute towards the betterment of the society. Jindal Naturecure Institute Reviews shed light on our efforts towards creating health awareness and how our treatments are available at subsidized costs to those who cannot afford expensive treatments. Check out some of the Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore reviews from our patients below.


User Reviews

Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore Ratings and Reviews


Learnt a lot of things about the Human Body

Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore Ratings and Reviews jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore Ratings and Reviews


“I was initially not too thrilled about having to stay at JNI as I’ve heard that the diet is very strict and there are a lot of vegetable and fruit juices that they include in the diet(I am no fan of veggie juices!). Had to stay there at the insistence of my family as they felt that I should try out a drugless healing system after suffering from slip disc and disc related problems for years. The yoga actually helps relax muscles and they teach you asana based on your condition and I have much better flexibility and am able to manage pain way better now. The health education one gets at this place is really good and is an eye opener of sorts; it was for me at least. I am continuing to do the recommended exercises at home as well but sometimes it isn’t as easy as doing it there(you have a lot of company and there the focus is only health and relaxation; doing it day to day needs extra effort and dedication).
I may go there again towards the end of the year for a week to relax; hope I get the accommodation during my vacation time!
They must improve upon few things a) the Reservation Process, too much of documentation and waiting b) Should not be so strict about out pass. If you are there for 15 days, at least allow the patients to go out two times for ¾ hours, as many people come from abroad, and get admitted strait, and feel for purchasing tit- bits for their family and friends c) should bring more variety in Recreation.”

Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore Ratings and Reviews


Got relief for my sciatica pain

jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review


“I was suffering from sciatica for a long time till recently. I used to be in constant pain even when sitting, and would have sudden, sharp bouts of pain when trying to stand up or walk. At times, it used to be excruciating. I had tried a lot many doctors, but nothing could help me much. One of them suggested JNI, but frankly speaking, I was not very convinced to try something totally new in my days of acute sufferings, lest the pain would increase. My son, however, insisted me to give it a try, but then, the waiting period was so long! When I finally got in, I found the place to be too strict. However, within ten days, I started feeling good as got used to their regimen. I did hate the vegetable juices though; they must have helped manage my condition to a great extent I guess. I was given acupuncture, a bit of mild yoga, hydrotherapy and manipulative therapy as well. All of these helped my condition to a great extent, so much so that i started almost believing that sharp pain would never come back to torture me . Thank you, JNI. I hope I can keep up all of this back home too. I hear JNI is increasing its capacity, and I wish my waiting time will reduce substantially.

AYUSH & CGHS approved

QCI – NABH recommended

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