Detoxification of a body is necessary for its effective functioning. There are numerous ways of detoxifying the body such as lymphatic drainage massage, salt bath, dry brushing, body wraps, colon hydrotherapy and more.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy or colon irrigation therapy is a medical procedure that involves removing the toxins from the body by cleaning the colon. In this procedure, a tube is inserted into the rectum. Mucous plagues, fecal residue, water & gas are pumped and flushed out through the colon.

Further, the abdomen is massaged to aid the cleansing process. After the massage, the patient can go to the toilet for a full evacuation. Colon irrigation is a procedure that helps in removing the toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, increasing energy as well as enhancing the metabolism of the body. Colon irrigation is a pain-free and relaxing procedure.

What to Do Before Getting a Colon Cleanse?

Colon cleansing is an efficient way to remove the toxins from the body. If you are planning for a colonic treatment, you need to prepare your body.

1. Drink Lot of Water: Drinking a good amount of water would help you to stay hydrated and provide support for flushing the bowel. You can have lemon juice in water or soothing herbal teas to increase your total water consumption.

2. Avoid Alcohol, Coffee and Carbonated Drinks: Each of these drinks is not good for the procedure, especially coffee. Herbal tea or tannin-free coffee is a great alternative.

3. Quit Smoking: As tobacco and cannabis dehydrate the body and affect the cleansing process as well, it is preferable to stay away from them before you go for the treatment.

Avoid foods that cause gas, eat fresh fruits and veggies, and chewing food properly are small things that can help you prepare for colon hydrotherapy.

What to do After Colon Hydrotherapy?

To make best out the treatment, doctors suggest patients have a nutritious diet including brown rice, millet, juices, leafy greens, fresh fruits, etc. Fermented foods are also a great choice as they contain probiotics. However, doctors strictly say no to junk food, citrus fruits, chocolates, refined sugar, and smoking, after taking up colon hydrotherapy. 

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