Healing through
and Yoga

JNI is a destination Naturopathy hospital for healing, and it is important that you get full benefit of our facilities seamlessly, without being bothered with trifles.
Shirts: Bangalore morning is rather cool. Hence, we suggest you to bring a full sleeve T-shirt for summer days, and light woollen garments for winter days.
Shoes & track suits : You need to walk a lot, hence a pair of walking shoes, socks and track-suits will be ideal
Yoga dress : Yoga has its pride of place in JNI and is an essential therapeutic activity; hence please bring a fitting dress.
Towels and toiletries are not provided in Economy Rooms. Please bring those if you will be staying in this section. You can even buy these from our in-house shop at the campus, in case you do miss out on bringing these.
Swim wear: Please bring at least one set of swimming costume as you may be prescribed to take Aquatic Yoga classes or may even like to use our pool for swimming , since a costume is a must for the pool
Costumes/ Instruments: If you are a performing artist, and want to participate in our cultural programme, please bring your instruments or costumes. You will have more than 400 connoisseurs as an audience
Medical Report: Please do not forget to bring your latest medical report, if requested, by our doctors.
Jewellery and valuables: Although there is a private locker in all rooms and complete safety in the campus, we recommend that you leave your jewellery and valuables at home JNI does not take responsibility for loss of any items of value brought unsolicited.
Addictive items like wine bottles, cigarettes, any other tobacco items etc. and undisclosed drugs. Those will be confiscated and destroyed by our Security guards forthwith.
Outside food: Possession of outside food of any kind, both non-vegetarian and vegetarian, is prohibited in the campus and may lead to ouster with penalty and ban for future admissions.
Any or all other items prohibited by law of the land, or disturbing to the peace and tranquillity of the campus
Mobile Phone: Please enable yourself benefit from our treatments by switching off your mobile phones and electronic devices when you are in activity areas like Treatment/ Therapy Sections, Kriya Centre, Diet Centre, Doctors’ Consultation areas, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Treatment areas etc.
Playing cards anywhere in the campus is prohibited
Gifts /Tips: Payment of gratuity or gift to any of our staff in the Institute is a serious offence here , which may lead to discharge of a patient and the beneficiary may lose the job
Out pass: Once you begin your treatment at JNI, please avoid asking for a pass to go out of the campus during your stay here, unless there is an emergency.

AYUSH & CGHS approved

QCI – NABH recommended

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Your First Day at JNI


Dear patients,

We  welcome you and  wish that  you take full benefit of our facilities and obtain the best results for yourself.  Although there will be help at every step, herein lies a guideline for your first day.

On your arrival, Security will guide you to the Admission Desk at the Main Building if you are a patient booked in  Room Section (Economy/ Executive Class) or help you to reach Green Plaza. If you have reserved your accommodation in Suite/ Deluxe Section

Please submit  your admission confirmation letter and identity proof to  Admission Desk and the  Officer on duty   will allot you your accommodation  An attendant  with a golf cart will escort you  to your accommodation.  On the way, you will be taken around a quick campus tour, so that you get familiarized with the main areas of the Institute.

Once in the accommodation, please check the inventory list and report if there is any discrepanc,  to PR desk.

Please return to Admission Desk for completing any pending formalities.  Our team there will explain  the rules and regulations of the Institute. Kindly  read the booklets given to you thoroughly  to understand the hospital better.

If you are an NRI or a Foreign Citizen, please fill up the relevant forms (will be  given to you by our Admission Desk) and submit a photo copy of your Passport and Visa . This is a statutory requirement.

Please also pay  the  room tariff and an approximate cost of the treatments for the entire   period of your stay now which will be accounted in your final bill.  Payment can be made through Master/Visa card or through IMPS

Your ward doctor will be available in consultation room between 8.00 a.m. and 12 Noon and 2.00 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. During your scheduled appointment, your doctor will check your medical condition and prescribe your diet and treatments accordingly.

Thereafter, you must meet the Chief Yoga Officer  for planning your treatments through Yoga. You can also contact Physiotherapy and Acupuncture departments for treatments. They can be found at the adjacent mainstream Hospital compound (MCH).

You will complete all these, ideally, on the first day, depending upon the time you have checked in, or else, the next day. Your next day will start at 5.30 am at Kriya Centre with Yogic Kriya where yoga teachers will  help you.  As the day progresses, you will be busy with your various treatments and exercises. You will always find one willing JNI staff by your side to help you out in your initiation day.  .In between, your lunch is between 10-45am and 12-15pm; and dinner between 5-45pm and 7-30 pm. There will be  a couple of juice- breaks,  the last being at 8-15 pm . We expect you to go to bed by 10 p.m., so that you can be fresh as you start your next day, bright and full of energy

We wish you a healthy stay!