Patients suffering from following diseases will be admitted to the Institute for nature cure treatment.

Abdominal Disorders
(Hyper-acidity, Chronic constipation, Gastritis, Acid Peptic Disease, Gastritis, Chronic Constipation, Colitis, Mild Colitis, IBS,  Flatulence, Belching)
Allergic Rhinitis
Anxiety Neurosis
( Haemoglobin level not less than 8 gm/ 100 ml)
(depending on stage, subject to doctor’s approval)
Bronchial Asthma
Calcaneal Spur
Diabetes Mellitus (Type-II)
High Blood Pressure
High cholesterol
(Hyper cholesterolaemia)
High Uric acid
(Hyper uricaemia)
Irritable bowel Syndrome
Menstrual Disorders
Osteo Arthritis
Refractive Errors
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sleep Apnea
Stable Heart Cases
Spondylitis – Cervical and Lumber
Underweight patient with other acute conditions
Plantar Fascitis
Note:  Hepatitis B cannot be treated in JNI. However associated, non infectious chronic problems can be treated.

Patients suffering from mild flatulence, obesity, constipation, headache, piles etc. are not admitted unless the diseases are acute and chronic. Complete medical history supported by reports to prove the acute / chronic conditions needs to be submitted along with application.

Patients under the following categories are not eligible:

  • Pregnant women.
  • Patients with unstable heart condition.
  • Crippled / immobile and visually impaired persons.
  • Patients suffering from Cancer beyond second stage, TB, skin diseases, any incurable disease, STD, HIV.
  • Patients addicted to evils such as drugs, smoking or using tobacco in any form, alcohol etc .
  • Patients who are unable to walk 1 km without support.
  • Patients intending to relax and take rest in the name of treatment.

Note:  We specialize on the diseases mentioned above. However, please remember that nature cure is not a “Be all and end all”. It has its own limitations for want of research. Nature demands faith, patience & sacrifice with which naturopathy can treat and cure many more diseases.

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