Accommodation Type 1st Patient
(INR/Per day)
2nd Patient
(INR/Per day)
3rd Patient
(INR/Per day)
4th Patient
(INR/Per day)
Servant Accommodation
(INR/Per day)
Deluxe Super Deluxe Nest 13000 13000 7000 7000 1500
Deluxe Nest 12000 12000 7000 7000 1500
Deluxe Hut 12000 7000 1500
Deluxe Double Room 9000 5000 1500
Premium Nest 8000 8000 4000 4000 1500
Hut 8000 4000 1500
Cottage 7000 3000 1500
Economy Executive Single Room 3000
Executive Double Room 3500 1500
Economy Single Room 1200
Economy Double Room 1000 1000
Free Ward Free Bed


  • Rates will be applicable as per number of occupancy in a room. For instance, if 1 person occupies Executive Double Room, per night charges will be Rs.3500/-, and if there is a 2 people occupancy, the charge will be Rs.3500/- + Rs.1500/- i.e. Rs.5000/- per night.
  • In Executive Double Rooms, Cottages, Huts, Deluxe Double Room and Deluxe Huts more than 2 patients and in Nests and Deluxe Nests more than 4 patients will not be permitted. However, for Nests, there must be a booking for minimum 2 patients. All charges are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Diet, doctors’ consultation & basic treatments are free. However, accommodation (except in FW) & other resource – oriented treatments are only charged. Please refer the treatment charges.
  • In addition to accommodation charges, there will be treatment expenses. The approximate per day charges of treatment per person for Economy Single/Double Room will be Rs.1750/-, Executive Single/Double Room will be Rs.2500/-, Hut / Nest / Deluxe Double Room /Cottage / Deluxe Hut / Deluxe Nest will be Rs.4000/- and Free ward will be Rs.6000/- for 15 days.
  • NRI/OCI/PIO and Foreign Nationals will be admitted only in Executive Rooms, Cottages, Huts, Nests, Deluxe Double Room, Deluxe Huts, Deluxe Nest and Super Deluxe Nest. However in deserving cases, other accommodations except Free Ward, may also be granted to them, which will be at the sole discretion of management, at a 50% surcharge over and above usual accommodation charges.
  • A Single person applying for Economy Double Room will have to share it with another patient of same gender.
  • For Economy Room/General Ward patients, room coolers are available on request against a charge of Rs.150/- per day.
  • No GST applicable.
  • Bill Settlement is done 1 day before the discharge date.

Following treatment charges are included in your stay.

Hydro Therapy
Circular Jet
Cold Hip bath
Cold Immersion bath
Contrast arm bath
Contrast foot bath
Effusion hot & cold or Neutral Effusion
Hot and Cold hip bath
Hot foot bath
Hot foot Immersion bath
Hot hip bath
Ice Therapy
Neutral Half bath
Neutral Immersion bath
Sitz bath
Sponge bath
Spinal Bath
Vaginal Douche treatment
Trunk pack
Eye Pack
Mud pack
Mud to face
Partial Mud Application
Oil Therapy
Oil injection
Facial steam inhalation
Infrared lamp treatment
Sauna Bath/Steam room
Steam box
Abdominal pack
Ankle Pack
Chest Pack
G.H Pack
Kidney pack
Knee Pack
Leg pack
Spinal Pack
Throat pack
Towel pack
Troma pack
Wet girdle pack

Treatments Charged

Treatment Charges in INR
Hydro Therapy
Asthma Bath 500/-
Colon Hydro Therapy per session (CH) 1400/-
Deluxe Hydro Therapy
(Only for Suites & Deluxe)
Hot Foot & Arm Bath 500/-
Jacuzzi 1000/-
Jet hydro Therapy 800/-
NIB bath with Epsom Salt 300/-
GIB bath with Epsom Salt 800/-
Oxygen bath 500/-
Under Water Therapy 1200/-
Whirlpool Bath (Only for Suites & Deluxe) 1500/-
Oil Therapy
Drainage Therapy 500/-
Deep Tissue Therapy 1700/-
Hot Stone Therapy 3000/-
Kairali Therapy 3000/-
Oil Therapy 1500/-
Partial Oil Therapy 500/-
Salt Glow Therapy 3500/-
Vibro Therapy 1200/-
Treatment Charges in INR
Mud Therapy
Full Mud bath (1 Hour) 1500/-
Hot Mud & Wax applications to joints 400/-
Heat Therapy
Infrared Sauna 400/-
Ozone Steam Bath 400/-
Ayurvedic Therapy
Tailadhara (Shirodhara with Oil) 2000/-
Basti (Kati/Janu/Greeva) 800/-
Herbal Therapy 2000/-
Shirolepa 700/-
Khserodhara (Shirodhara with Milk) 2500/-
Pack Therapy
Castor Oil Pack 400/-
Full Wet pack 300/-
Mustard pack 500/-
Neem – Aloe Vera – Turmeric Therapy 800/-
Acupuncture per session (including Needles) 600/-
Individual Yoga Session 800/-

  • Patients of Free Ward are eligible for a concession of 75%, Economy Single Room & Economy Double Room 50% and Executive Single Room & Executive Double Room 25 % respectively on above treatment charges except Individual Yoga, Kairali, Salt Glow, Hot Stone therapy, Deep Tissue Therapy and Ayurvedic treatments (Shirodhara, Ksheerodhara & Basti treatments) which will be charged at full rate as given above.
  • If Deluxe & Suite patients would prefer to take treatments in their accommodation there would be a surcharge of 25% over and above the full rate.
    Treatments in treatment section is encouraged.
  • Laboratory test,Physiotherapy,Acupuncture etc, will be charged extra.
  • Patients are strictly advised not to carry mobile phones, jewellery and other valuables while visiting the treatment areas, laboratory, yoga, diet centre and acupuncture.
  • One hour for Suite/ Deluxe, 45 min for other categories in Oil Therapy.
  • Institute does not take any responsibility for any loss of jewellery or valuables.
  • Colon therapy for Free ward patients is charged at 50% of the above rates.
  • Please avoid swift transfer and make payment online through your card.
  • Treatments are provided in designated treatment centers according to the category of room booked.

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