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  • 1. How do I make my payment?

    You can make your payment by a Banker’s cheque (DD) or   online by credit or debit card through http://reservation.jindalnaturecure.in/CitrusSSL.aspx or through bank by  NEFT/ RTGS. Our details are:

    Banker: ICICI Bank Limited, No 47, 5th Main Road,   Malleswaram West, Bangalore-560003, India

    Account number:  007801030038, IFSC Number: ICIC0000078

    SWIFT Code ICIC IN BB 002

    After remitting the amount, please send a screenshot of UTR number that bank generates through our website in our Application response page. We do not accept personal cheque.

  • 2. I could not complete the application form as it is not mobile friendly.

    We are in the process of developing our mobile app. Till such time, please use your PC, or else, download application form from our website and send it through email to [email protected] or [email protected]

  • 3. I am getting an “error” message. What do I do?

    An “Error” message may come for many reasons. Please wait for some time and try again. If it still persists, please contact Help Desk at +91-80-2371-7769 / 70

  • 4. Is there any dress code at JNI?

    No, but we advise you to bring a pair of walking shoes, socks and track-suits for walking and taking part in other activities in JNI.

  • 5. Do you have Wi-Fi facility?

    Yes, free Wi-Fi facility is available in Executive, Premium and Deluxe categories of accommodation.

  • 6. How do I purchase JNI products?

    We have a utility shop inside our campus.  You can either shop in the campus or place an online order on www.jindalherbals.com.

  • 7. Can I talk to your doctors directly for all my medical problems?

    We do not encourage telephone calls to our doctors as they usually remain busy attending patients who are admitted. However, you can raise your queries on our website by logging in and your queries will be responded to within 24 hours. You may contact our Help Desk or post your query on our live chat box through our website from 9 hrs to 18 hrs IST between Monday and Saturday.

  • 8. Can I come one day prior to my admission day?

    We generally advise our patients to arrive on the day of their admission and not before, except under travel compulsion. In such cases, please do let us know in advance so as to avoid any inconvenience to you due to unavailability of rooms.

  • 9. Why is there a difference in rate of treatments between economy category and suite category? Does it mean that quality of treatment is different too?

    There is no difference in the treatment rates or the quality of treatment between them, except the section where treatments take place. The difference you see is due to the subsidy we extend for those in Economy category, as it is part of our Mission to provide treatments to every stratum of society.

  • 10. How do I submit my medical reports?

    You may submit the scanned copy of your recent reports online along with your application form.  Please note that our website can support up to a maximum of 4MB for uploading at a time.

  • 11. Can I change my co-patient and add another patient or make a substitute arrangement to share my accommodation after my confirmation?

    You can submit application for your co-patient using your group code and wait for our doctor’s clearance. The facility is available only in  Executive, Suite and Deluxe accommodations and not in Economy Rooms as we book economy rooms bed-wise and not room-wise.

  • 12. Do you admit patients on Sundays and holidays? And do you offer treatments for those who are already in the institute on Sundays and holidays? If not, how does a patient spend the day?

    We admit patients on Sundays but not on other holidays. We offer full day treatments on Sundays and other holidays, except on the days of Diwali , Ganesh Chaturthui and Ugadi. Even on these three days, light treatments are available for half a day in the forenoon . However there will be Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Vibro therapy, Swimming, and Recreational activities like film show, cycling, boating etc.

  • 13. How long will it take for clearance of an application?

    Generally clearance of an application does not take more than 48 hours (02 working days), provided the latest medical reports are submitted and the reservation deposit is paid. In cases where there is medical complication, the clearance may take 3-4 days, depending upon the turnaround time of the patient in submitting his/her reports asked by our doctors to ascertain their medical condition.

  • 14. How I can get a refund of my deposit?

    If you are eligible for a refund, it will be credited to your card if the payment was made online. If it was made through RTGS/NEFT, we will ask your account's details and the appropriate amount will be refunded thereon.

  • 15. What is the balance amount to be paid at the time of admission and how?

    On the day of admission, you will pay an approximate total bill that will include the accommodation charges for the duration of your stay plus the treatments expected to be taken by you. The room tariff is given on our website. This total amount in approximation will have to be paid on admission either by bank transfer, or by Master or Visa card or in cash in acceptable currency with your personal and PAN card detail. Amount paid will be adjusted in your final bill.

  • 16. What is the daily schedule of a patient?

    Your day will start with a morning walk at 5 am, and you will remain engaged up to 9:30 pm. You may consult your ward doctor for a customized schedule.

  • 17. Why are patients above 80 years of age not treated?

    We find  from our experience that people above the age of  80, do not respond well to Nature Cure treatments because of their dietary habits, nutritional needs and difficulty in physical exercise. We therefore discourage people above 80 years of age to apply for admission except those who have maintained their health throughout and fulfill our medical eligibility criteria.

  • 18. How can naturopathy cure diseases without medicines?

    Human body is one of the greatest examples of nature’s ingenuity. The body has an innate capacity to fight any type of disease on its own strength. Unfortunately, we do not give it a chance to fight diseases and the moment a disease erupts, we start medicating ourselves. The result is that instead of assisting the body to fight disease, more often than not, medicines weaken our immunity system and produce harmful side effects. In this Institute, we teach patients how to prevent and treat diseases without medicines. Since it is a vast subject, we suggest you read literature on the subject of naturopathy available aplenty.

  • 19. Is the water we drink at JNI safe?

    Yes, our potable water is treated with an advanced R.O system wherein mineral content is maintained. We also use UV lights to make the water fully bacteria proof. The quality is comparable to the best in class. Further the samples are tested in laboratories every month for quality check, and it conforms to WHO guidelines for potable water. We do not take any chance whatsoever in this regard.

  • 20. Why do you not start nature cure centers all over India?

    It is very hard to get dedicated doctors and staff of extra ordinary quality, who are devoted to uphold the philosophy of nature cure in its true spirit. Now that our central government has created AYUSH, a separate department for Indian classical medicine including Naturopathy, there is hope that it will spread across the country.

  • 21. Why are outpatient facilities not offered?

    In naturopathy it is necessary that the patient must stay in the campus and follow a strict routine of diet as well as various courses like Kriya, Yogasana, etc. Just taking few treatments, like what is offered in a Health Club or a Spa, will not result in any benefit to patients. Hence, we have not provided outpatient facility, as it will not serve any purpose

  • 22. How do i come to Jindal Naturecure Institute?

    Jindal Naturecure Institute is at a distance of 16 km from City Railway station and 45 km from Airport    on the Northern outskirts of Bangalore. You may directly contact our Travel Agent for arranging a pick up   on the contact details given below:

    Sri Balaji Tours & Travels

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Office-080-23718558,  Mobile-09845503828

    or email us 48 hrs in advance  Or make your own arrangement.

  • 23. How do I submit the application?

    You may submit your application online through our website by clicking ‘Apply Online”    for Admission ‘and then register and log in to our portal PRM (Patients Relation Management). You may also directly log on to www.jnidesk.com. A demo therein will guide you at all steps. Please keep your photo Id and medical documents ready at hand as you will require those while submitting  the application.

    You may also submit application by post after downloading the application form from website, and filling it up, or email us the filled up form on [email protected] with your latest medical documents. Our Reservation team will help you out once they receive it.

  • 1. How much in advance should we book our accommodation?

    Since there is a long waitlist, we would advise you to book at least 1-2 months in advance, and wait for a confirmation to come from our Reservation Department. Please take your Reservation as confirmed only when you receive a confirmation letter/email from JNI Reservation.

  • 2. How do I know the status of my application?

    You may login to jnidesk.com and check the status of your application. Alternatively, you may call our help desk, or send an email to our reservation at [email protected]

  • 3. Will you take advance intimation of my arrival date and time?

    Yes, it would enable us prepare ourselves before you reach our institute. You may also mention your special needs if any, and we will try to fulfill the same if possible.

  • 4. Can I increase or decrease duration of my stay, before I arrive at the Institute?

    Yes, you may send a request for extension of stay through email/website. Depending on availability, our Reservation team will get back to you. However, change in number of days can be done only 3 times and the intimation should be given at least 3 days before your confirmed date of admission.

  • 5. How do you acknowledge the payment made to JNI?

    We acknowledge the receipt on our portal (PRM) at jnidesk.com. You can also check by calling our Help Desk.

  • 6. Do you consider refund of forfeited amounts, based on medical reasons/death in the family?

    If you do not report for admission without prior intimation for any reason, we are not able to release your accommodation for patients on the wait-list, and it remains unutilized and we lose financially too. However, for certain cases, deposit may be refunded fully or partially depending on the merits of the case.

  • 7. Why do you not allow changes of booking dates, liberally?

    Request for postponement or advancement are allowed for maximum of two times. Afterwards, we refuse to admit such cases because too many changes make allocation of admissions very unpredictable and is not fair for other waiting patients.

  • 8. Why are you not allowing cars to enter the campus and drop off patients up to their room on admission day?

    We stop such traffic primarily to avoid pollution, and also because it may disturb patients who are on the walking tracks in the campus or taking rest in their rooms. However, you can avail of a golf cart facility to help with your luggage, and even give you a tour of the campus.

  • 9. In spite of having a confirmed accommodation, why do we have to sometimes stay in an alternative accommodation?

    At times, patients staying with us extend the duration of their stay in order to complete their specific treatments and we need to allow them for medical reasons. Under such circumstances, even if we offer a higher accommodation for a day or two, we do not charge extra. And if we request you to temporarily stay in a slightly lower accommodation, we charge at the rate of a lower accommodation. We hope you will understand and will be kind enough to bear with us considering your fellow patient’s need.

  • 1. Why do you reject cases?

    Naturopathy has its own limitation due to lack of consistent research and development in this field. It is mainly because so far, no major research initiative has been taken up even at our government level. As a result sufficient evidence on many potentially treatable diseases is missing.

    Since human life is precious, and your money and time are also important, we do not take any risk.  Hence, we humbly request that, in case you have been rejected here due to our inherent limitations , you  seek any other form of treatment in the specialized area of your ailment, where a good  deal of research and development have taken place.

  • 2. Why are medicines not allowed in this institute, even when we are used to taking such medicines?

    Our Institute believes that the human body has sufficient capacity to fight diseases from within. In Nature Cure treatment, medicine from any source, be it  Allopathy, Homeopathy or any other stream, is not required. However, those patients who are regularly taking medicines, and have brought them along, must disclose those to our doctors. Depending upon your health condition, your treating doctor will advise you on how to taper it down gradually. In case such medicines are found as not essential, those shall be kept at the Security gate so that our doctors can make use of them in case of emergency need.

    As drugs have numerous side effects, it will interfere with the benefits of your naturopathic treatment, and hence patients are expected to hand over any medicine to our doctors.

  • 3. Fasting is very tough to do and makes me hesitant to take naturopathy treatments. Is it necessary?

    Fasting is a constructive treatment which helps  excrete harmful toxins that cause diseases in the body. It is starvation which is destructive - which kills the body with malnutrition, not a fast. Rather millions die due to various diseases caused by over eating. Scientific fasting does not weaken the body, rather strengthen it. In most cases, from the 3rd day onwards, the body starts using stored fat for its energy. Each gram of fat releases 9 calories of energy, and thus, our total energy needs can easily be met  by our excess stock of fat in the body. In fact, the fasting results in making a person feel light and hence, more energetic.

  • 4. Is JNI treatment meant to reduce weight? Also can it be benefited for patients looking to increase weight?

    JNI does not admit patients who come for weight reduction alone.Weight gain or loss is not our priority. However,  patients can put on weight by improving digestive and absorbing capacity through practicing yoga and other exercises post our detoxifying treatment.

  • 5. How much time does it require just to detoxify the system? To cure a disease, generally how much time is required?

    If there are no chronic conditions or severe symptoms of diseases, 10 days is the required period of stay to detoxify the system. However, it is not possible to cure chronic diseases within 10 days. Depending upon the condition of the patient, severity of symptoms, vitality, etc. it may take a longer period, say, between 15 – 40 days. Nature cure is not a miracle. A chronic disease takes its own time to show all its classical symptoms. The body has to be given sufficient time to recuperate from the damage caused.

  • 6. Why are you not allowing children below 18 years to come?

    Naturopathy requires firm discipline and faith which normally is not expected from children. However, in such cases where children suffering from diseases can be treated by Naturopathy, we do relax the age limit up to 16 years; provided they are accompanied by their parents and their cases have been cleared by our doctors.

  • 7. Is naturopathy a costly treatment and is it for rich people only?

    Not at all. Naturopathy, in fact, is one of the cheapest treatments for chronic diseases which can be carried out at home by any person with basic knowledge of human body. We try to educate patients so that after going back, they can take most of the treatments at home and learn to take preventive care so that they do not fall ill. Even in our Institute, nearly 20% of the people are treated at economy and class which is affordable for all cross-sections of the society. Besides, we charge only for accommodation while diet and most of the treatments are free. Naturopathy means “a nature’s way of living” and, if you do so, you can avoid diseases without any cost.

  • 8. Even though nature cure is a slow process, why are admission for more than 40 days in suite category and 20 days in room category not granted?

    Since demands far exceed our capacity, we have to give a chance to waiting patients. Moreover, we would hope that patients get educated on naturopathy and follow the same at home.

  • 9. Why can’t patients come for less than 10 days?

    Naturopathy is a sure but slow process. As such, even 10 days are not sufficient, and one should take treatment as per doctors’ advice, and according to one's disease condition. Ideally it should not be less than 10 days treatment in any genuine disease, unless for the programme under Health Rejuvenation Scheme (HRS) available only for suite/deluxe category of patients.

  • 1. Why are you so strict with diet?

    Strictness in diet is a key tenet of Naturopathy. Naturopathy believes in a highly disciplined way of living and discipline cannot be achieved without being strict and firm. In fact, it is the strict adherence of discipline which we consider a great asset to this Institute. All of our policies are made only in the interest of the patients and their well being. Without control over diet, your treatment would be futile.

  • 2. Why are tea, coffee, smoking, and alcohol stopped abruptly, instead of tapering?

    This is substance abuse, and such addictive items have terrible price. They run in the body and greatly damage health. Also they interfere with the progress of naturopathy treatments, and hence are prohibited in the campus.

  • 3. Why do you provide only 2 meals a day in your Institute?

    Besides two meals a day, we provide juices in-between. Diet here is scientifically planned to enhance your metabolism and aid your digestive system.

  • 4. Do you demonstrate the preparations of food to your patients?

    Yes, our Dietitians conduct live demos of the preparation of food, juices, salads and other varieties twice a week, on Mondays in Jaimal Hall, and Saturdays in  Diet Centre, to help patients learn how to prepare their meals in the same way at home.

  • 5. Since you recommend organic vegetables and fruits for good health, do you have your own vegetable farm?

    Yes. The Institute has 100 acres of land where we cultivate seasonal fruits and vegetables organically. The vegetables include carrot, cabbage, knoll khol, cucumber, all varieties of gourds, leafy vegetables salad leaves and herbs. Fruits like lemon, mosambi, papaya, banana, tender coconut, avocado, grapefruits, sapota, mango, guava etc. are produced aplenty.

  • 6. Why is there no breakfast during detoxification?

    As per Naturopathy, the human body follows three important process for its sustenance i.e. elimination, rejuvenation and construction. The beginning of the day is a time for elimination, to cleanse, purify and detoxify the system.

    During elimination, the body directs most of its energy to the work of cleansing toxins.  Consumption of food during elimination phase will only disturb the inner activity of the body and the balance of the five great elements of which the body is made. Breakfast therefore, interferes with our system & prevents digestion and other eliminatory organs to expel the wastes.

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