Alternative Medicine

Jindal Naturecure Institute located in Bangalore is the best place for alternative medicine in India. Established under the Sitaram Jindal Foundation, this naturopathy hospital has been offering alternative therapies without drug in health and medicine for more than four decades. All the treatment procedures offered at our hospital are based on years of traditional medical practice followed by our ancestors. These treatment methods are unlike conventional medical treatment methods that focus on symptomatic treatment. Our alternative treatment procedure is holistic and aims at identifying the root cause of the disease and removing it by following natural treatment procedures.


Alternative treatments offered at Jindal Naturecure Hospital

At Jindal naturopathy hospital, we offer a wide range of alternative therapy such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, hot stone therapy, massage, herbal therapy, Kairali therapy, hydrotherapy, and more. These non-invasive methods will treat the cause of the disease and give you long-lasting results. Apart from the above methods, we also teach yoga, meditation and pranayama to all the patients who come to us for natural treatment. These ancient methods have been effective in reducing stress and strain in the body and mind, which is one of the leading causes of most lifestyle-based diseases. We also teach yoga asanas based on the disease for which you are availing the treatment. The asanas or body postures stimulate particular organs in the body, enhancing their function and improving the immune system to help your body heal naturally.

At Jindal Naturecure Institute, we pay much attention to the diet we provide to our patients. We grow fruits and vegetables organically for our patients. We also have a team of dietician who take care of nutritional cooking Diet is prescribed by Naturopath based on the medical condition. All food is freshly prepared, highly nutritious and tasty.


Diseases Treated at Jindal Naturecure Institute

Jindal naturopathy hospital offers various forms of alternative medicine and treatment for diseases such as diabetes type 2, obesity, arthritis, asthma, menstrual problems, migraine, insomnia, and lots more. You can also consult our alternative medicine doctors at Jindal hospital to avail holistic treatment for stress, strain, depression and other lifestyle diseases.

If you want to get healthy naturally and stay fit for life, alternative medicine is your best option. Jindal Naturecure Institute, one of the best naturopathy hospitals in the country, offers personalised alternative therapy enhanced by scientific methods. Contact us to know more about alternative medicine and sign up for treatment.

AYUSH & CGHS approved

QCI – NABH recommended

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