Jindal Naturecure Institute (JNI), considered to be one of the best naturopathy centres in India, was established in 1978 by Dr. Sitaram Jindal. The Institute advocates naturopathy and drugless treatments which induce detoxification of the body for prevention and cure of chronic diseases. Naturopathy is an alternative system of medicine which focus on both the mind and the body; it works on the principle that diseases are caused by toxin accumulation and negative energy in the mind and body.

Patients who visited JNI with various ailments have benefited from holistic treatment methodologies like ayurvedic Kairali therapy, herbal therapy, colon hydrotherapy, deep tissue therapy, hot stone therapy, salt glow therapy, and more.

Accommodation at JNI – One of the Top Naturopathy Centres in India.

JNI started with a bed strength of 107, and as the Institute received recognition through years of excellent service, the overall extension was undertaken in phases. The facility was expanded to accommodate the ever-growing needs of patients from all walks of life. The lush green surroundings of JNI is perfect for a peaceful and tranquil rest and recovery.

Below are some of the three accommodation options offered to people visiting JNI:

1. Free and Basic/ Standard Executive and Economy rooms

These room options are perfect for those who are looking for treatments and an economical stay Some of the features of these rooms are:
• Fully furnished compact rooms (single/double occupancy)
• Affordable accommodation, at a subsidised rate
• Air conditioning
• LED television
• Attached bathroom
• Laundry valet service
• A work desk and more

2. Premium Suites with choice for Cottages, Huts and Nests

The rooms in this category provide privacy and comfort with a view of the lush green gardens. The amenities and other features of these rooms are:
• Living room attached to bedrooms
• Well-furnished
• Air-conditioned
• Attached bathroom and treatment room for your convenience
• Centralised instrumental music
• Yoga Mats
• Private garden
• Great ambience and view and more

3. Deluxe rooms and suites

This luxury room category offers spacious deluxe room, deluxe hut, deluxe nest, super deluxe nest and luxurious penthouse. It is the perfect choice for people who love to relax and rejuvenate in a luxurious ambience. The facilities provided in these rooms are:
• Personalised health care experience
• Interests, likes and dislikes are given special attention
• Upscale, elegant accommodations
• Impeccably designed for space and comfort
• Plush sofas
• Deep soaking bathtubs
• Walk-in closet
• Air-conditioned living and bedrooms
• Fantastic view of the lake or lush greenery
• Private balcony and more

Amenities provided changes from room to room within the economy, premium, and deluxe categories. Choose an accommodation at Jindal Naturecure of your preference to recover and rejuvenate in a peaceful ambience.