It is one of the steps of Panchakarma, a classical Ayurveda therapy. The procedure is to gently pour a lukewarm liquid in a steady stream on the forehead to induce a relaxed state of awareness. The name comes from the Sanskrit words ‘shiro’ (head) and ‘dhara’ (flow). Shirodhara can be done with medicated Ayurvedic oil, milk, buttermilk, and even with medicated water.

Because of its calming effect, it is an effective natural option to improve sleep quality and in treating mental conditions such as anxiety and stress.

Traditionally Shirodhara is used successfully in treating a variety of conditions including eye diseases, neurological disorders, memory loss etc. Studies confirm that it can normalize the functions of hormones that regulate sleep and emotions

At Jindal Naturecure Institute(JNI), for best result, Ayurvedic oil used in Shirodhara which is prepared at our herbal pharmacy.