Sometimes people experience nausea and stomach cramps randomly after consuming some specific food items. The reason behind these health issues could be stomach ulcer. If you experience pain and find it miserable to eat certain foods, you must consult a doctor immediately to avoid the complications.

 What is Stomach Ulcer?

There is a thick layer of mucus, which shields stomach tissues from the acid produced by the stomach to digest the food. When the mucus becomes ineffective, the acid damages the tissues of the stomach and results in pain. A Stomach ulcer is known as gastric ulcer and peptic ulcer. Along with the stomach, it affects the small intestine too.

Symptoms of Stomach Ulcer

Apart from pain in the stomach, the common symptoms of stomach ulcer are vomiting, bloated stomach, dark/tarry stool, heartburn, anaemia and many more. Negligence of these signs can result in chronic disease. There are numerous alternative medicines in India to cure stomach ulcer. Consulting a doctor at the time can help you a lot.

 Causes of Stomach Ulcer

Peptic ulcer causes due to many reasons such as bacterial infection caused due to Helicobacter pylori, excessive consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin or naproxen. The excessive production of body acids due to a medical condition named Zollinger-Ellison can also be a reason for stomach ulcer. Alternative therapies can help in healing the pain of stomach ulcer, consulting a doctor for this can be the right decision.

 Natural Treatment of Stomach Ulcer

The treatment of the ulcer depends on its cause and duration. For stomach ulcer, the doctor may suggest surgical treatment. However, there are some alternative treatments to prevent and cure the stomach ulcer through natural food items such as

Banana – Banana helps in increasing mucus in the digestive tract, offering strong protecting layer to prevent the ulcer. Taking mix two tablespoons of banana powder with 1-tablespoon honey thrice a day would give effective results.

Garlic – Garlic possesses therapeutic powers that exhibit antimicrobial effects. It helps in maintaining H. pylori levels and heals the ulcer.

Honey – Honey contains many curative powers. An enzyme in honey kills the harmful bacteria, which helps in the development of an ulcer.

Food items like ginger, cabbage, licorice, turmeric, coconut, green tea, aloe vera juice etc. are also helpful in healing ulcer. Moreover, you can prevent ulcer by avoiding spicy food, alcohol, red meat, caffeine etc.

Natural Treatments for Ulcer at Jindal Naturecure Hospital

Jindal Naturecure Institute is a well-known naturopathy hospital that helps in curing chronic diseases through alternative medicines. Our comprehensive treatment includes natural methods like diet, yoga and meditation. Proper diet can reduce the symptoms of ulcer and strengthen your body from within to overcome this medical ailment. Ulcer gets worse because of stress. Yoga and meditation practise help reduce stress and its harmful effects on your body. So, you get long-lasting relief from ulcer and also prevent further recurrence. To know more about our natural treatment methods, contact us right away.