Jindal Naturecure Institute offers various specialized natural treatments for medical ailments. The natural treatments that we offer are based on natural practices that have been followed by centuries by different communities. All these methods use only natural methods and herbal supplements for treating various medical conditions. If you are thinking of cost, Jindal nature cure hospital offers treatments at economical prices. Some of the specialized treatments available at Jindal naturopathy hospital are:

  • Salt glow therapy

Salt therapy is recommended for skin health, relaxation and rejuvenation. In this natural treatment method, the skin is scrubbed using salt and coconut oil. It exfoliates the skin. After exfoliation, oil is applied over the body to hydrate and smoothen the skin.

  • Deep tissue therapy

Deep tissue treatment is suggested for stress relief, blood pressure regulation, chronic pain and muscle relaxation. In this therapy method, the therapist uses slow strokes and fine pressure on the muscles to release muscle tension and stress. People suffering from postural problems, limited mobility, chronic neck and back pain, and injury-related pain will find this therapy effective.

  • Kairali Therapy

Kairali therapy is recommended for the alleviation of pain caused due to arthritis, spondylitis or any other physical condition. It works by reducing muscle tension and stress. Two masseurs work in a synchronized manner using Ayurvedic therapeutic oil. The massage improves blood circulation reduces muscle tension and stiffness, leading to overall body relaxation.

  • Herbal therapy

This natural therapy is preventive and regenerative. In this therapy, herbal powders prepared using natural methods are vigorously massaged over the skin using an upward movement. This treatment method vitalizes the skin, mobilizes fat, strengthens the muscle, and improves body flexibility.

  • Shirodhara

Shirodhara is one of the ancient Ayurvedic treatments in which warm medicated oil, medicated water or milk/buttermilk is poured on the forehead in a steady stream. This treatment is recommended for neurological disorders, anxiety, stress, eye diseases, and memory loss.

Naturopathy Treatments offered at Jindal Naturecure Institute:


Hot or cold water is used to provide this treatment. Hydrotherapy is offered in Jacuzzis, baths, swimming, aquatic exercises, and various underwater treatments.

Mud Therapy

The different forms of mud therapy offered in Jindal naturopathy hospital are full body mud bath, fomentations and mud packs.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy improves blood circulation, which aids in treating various medical conditions. Some of the different forms of mud therapy are hot stone therapy, deep tissue therapy, oil therapy, vibro therapy, and Kairali therapy.

Fasting Therapy

Naturopathy doctors at Jindal hospital suggest different types of therapeutic fasting to eliminate toxins in the natural way. The doctors suggest a diet with specific soups and juices during the fasting period.

The other treatments offered at Jindal Naturecure hospital are:


Jindal naturopathy center is one of the best yoga treatment centres in Bangalore. We have experienced yoga teachers who teach yoga to all the patients. We suggest yoga for all medical ailments.


Our acupuncture specialists are highly experienced in using this natural treatment method for treating various medical conditions. Doctors generally prescribe acupuncture for pain relief, relaxation and stress relief.


One of the oldest and most effective drugless treatment, physiotherapy is recommended for patients who want to enhance their physical abilities, after illness, surgery or accident.


We believe that a natural diet can help alleviate many health problems. At Jindal naturopathy hospital, we provide food cooked with fruits and vegetables that are grown on our campus.

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