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Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore is much sought after for the naturopathy treatment offered here and we are one of the leading Yoga centres in Bangalore. Being leaders in alternate treatments, we come across a lot of different patients with rare conditions and we have managed to treat most of them successfully. We not only offer naturopathy treatment but we believe in the system and each one of us follows the philosophy as well. Our employees are the best in business and we handpick them after various selection rounds.


At the JNI, we believe in treating our workforce right and consider them our biggest assets. We are the best nature cure hospital in Bangalore and the Jindal Naturecure Institute reviews available online emphasize how effective our treatments are. And it is to the credit of our employees that we have achieved such a success rate. Healing isn’t simply about prescribing medicine or therapy; it requires empathy and a lot of hard work. One has to get to the root of the problem, conduct lots of discussions and brainstorm various different approaches to treating the particular case and arrive at a plan after considering all the pros and cons. We offer holistic and personalized treatments to our patients and our employees are responsible for the same.


Not only do we value our patients and their problems, we believe in empowering our employees and treating them as the most valuable assets of our organization. Our compensation packages are the best in the industry and we provide our employees with a lot of perks apart from a good salary package. Jindal Naturecure Employee reviews available on the internet are testimony to how we value our employees. Check out some of the Jindal Naturecure Employee reviews from popular sites below.


User Reviews

Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore Ratings and Reviews


Learnt a lot of things about the Human Body

Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore Ratings and Reviews jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore Ratings and Reviews


Stayed at JNI a month back and got treated for allergic rhinitis. Allergies are seasonal and many don’t think of it as a serious malady at all, albeit rather cumbersome I used to take antihistamines to control my sneezing and fever like symptoms, whenever I got allergy attacks. I was to be very tired though. In fact, till recently I was not aware that a drug as simple as histamine too has nasty side-effects
They say and then, I got to know about JNI from a friend. Wonder why they don’t advertise at all!. But then I got the biggest jolt. No bed is available for my desired date, which was after about a couple of months! What a joke! They should increase their intake in the first place, rather than keeping people on wait.
I finally got my admission date after a lengthy 6 months’. They put me on certain restriction, made certain dietary changes, made me do a lot of kriya and pranayama, and helped me identify allergens that caused the illness as well. I can now proudly say I can do Dhauti and NetI at home alone, that clears my nasal passage. But the biggest take-home advantage is, I have learnt what an ideal life-style is, a life-long companion for good health which, I know, will never betray me.
It is another matter that I feel it may be a bit difficult to maintain the same level of care at home, but then, even 50% is good enough!

Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore Ratings and Reviews


Very Good Experience and Fruitful Journey/p>

jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review jindal naturecure institute review


“Today is my last day in Jindal Naturecure Institute. I have resigned from my responsibilities after a tenure of 12 years of fruitful journey. However, before taking leave from JNI, I want to acknowledge with deep thanks to Mr. Ghosh and Mr. S.K Gupta for their kindness to me during the years that I worked for.
I would also like to thank our Chairman, Mr. B.D Garg and Mr. K.R Raghunath and our Patron, Mr. Pragun Jindal Khaitan for extending their support during my service and gave me an opportunity to serve JNI for so many years.
I wish all the best for JNI”


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