KOCHI:  Throughout busy work schedules and household life, ladies wrestle to maintain a tab on their well being. The Worldwide Yoga Day is a reminder that it’s essential to energise and steadiness thoughts and physique.
Deepika Dikshit, senior yoga instructor of Jindal Naturecure Institute in Bengaluru stresses that ladies not solely possesses exterior magnificence, with a comfortable and swish type however a pressure of character that offers her the ability of endurance. Deepika proposes just a few yoga poses that ladies should do each day to take care of steadiness.

Marjaryasana (cat/cow pose)
Methods to do: Begin from a table-top place along with your wrist below your shoulder and your knees below your hips. Be sure that your core is engaged and your backbone is in a impartial place. Inhale and push down your stomach in direction of the ground. Raise your tailbone and neck in direction of the ceiling. That is the cow pose. Maintain this place for a second after which transfer to the cat pose by lifting your backbone in direction of the ceiling. Tuck in your tailbone and maintain your chin in your chest. Maintain this place for just a few seconds. Do these poses ten instances.

Contraindications: Somebody with weak or not-so-strong wrists and shoulders can keep away from the observe of this pose, and transfer to the less complicated model of the Seated Cat-Cow Pose. Any form of harm to the shoulders ought to be taken severely when practising Marjaryasana.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward canine pose)
Methods to do: Come on all fours along with your knee proper below your hip and wrists below your shoulders. Now, raise your knees off the ground and place your hand ahead to type an inverted ‘V’. Be sure that your ft are flat on the ground and your legs are straight. Maintain this place for about two minutes after which return to the unique place.

You shouldn’t observe inversions, equivalent to downward canine when you’ve got: carpal tunnel syndrome, late-term being pregnant, hypertension or associated points. Individuals with accidents on the again, arms, or shoulders must also take skilled opinion earlier than performing.

Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II Pose)
Methods to do: Stand straight along with your ft one metre aside and your arms at your aspect. Flip your proper ft to your proper and lift your arms to your shoulder stage. Now, bend your proper knee to a lunge place. Preserve your left leg straight. Maintain this place for about three minutes after which return to the unique place. Do the identical on the opposite aspect.

Contraindications: Those that are menstruating or pregnant shouldn’t maintain this pose too lengthy. A easy variation may be completed utilizing a chair.

Balasana (Little one’s pose)
Methods to do: Kneel on the ground along with your arms at your aspect and your knees round hip-width aside. Now, sit again in your heels. Bend ahead to position your chest in your thighs. Maintain this place for about three minutes after which come to the unique place.

Contraindications: Don’t carry out the pose, if you’re pregnant, affected by diarrhoea or have a knee harm.

Dr Deepak Mittal, Yoga skilled and founding father of Divine Soul Yoga in Delhi, says the hormonal imbalances in most ladies make them liable to bodily, psychological and psychological issues. Yoga helps ladies steadiness their lives by enhancing physique power, hormonal steadiness and self-acceptance. When mixed with respiration workout routines like Pranayama, 30-45 minutes of Yoga can cut back stress, enhance sleep and govern important physique capabilities like coronary heart price, respiration, blood stress and many others. They’ve to only take a while out within the morning or night.


Navasana (Boat Pose)
Methods to do: Start by mendacity down on the ground in your again. Preserve your arms at your aspect and your legs collectively. Now, slowly raise your legs with out bending them. Additionally, raise your higher physique off the ground and stretch your arms in direction of your legs. Maintain this place for about three minutes after which return to the unique place.

Contraindications: Don’t observe when you’ve got low blood stress, extreme headache, or migraine when you’ve got suffered from some power ailments or spinal problems within the current previous. Bronchial asthma and coronary heart sufferers are additionally suggested to keep away from this pose.

Vasisthasana (Facet plank)
Methods to do: Begin in a plank place, shift physique weight into the proper hand, wrist below shoulder, drop heels to the proper aspect onto the mat, rotate the physique to face the left aspect, and raise your left arm into the air at shoulder top and twist. Increase hips as excessive to the ceiling as doable.

Contraindications: Individuals with an harm to the wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, hips, again, knees, or ankles ought to keep away from practising it. Any harm to the muscle groups of the legs, again and arms are contraindications.

Bhramari Pranayama
Methods to do: Do preliminary conditioning in Sukhasana or every other meditative posture. Sit on a agency chair with an erect backrest, if unable to take a seat on the ground. Preserve the physique above the waist straight and the backbone erect. Inhale after which exhale slowly, easily and constantly in a managed method from the nostrils with a bit of pressure, making a buzzing sound just like the black bee. Preserve the mouth closed all through the observe. The sound needn’t be very loud however ought to create vibrations. Apply 5 instances, with pausing in-between rounds.

Contraindications: Don’t practise should you’re pregnant or menstruating. It’s also not appropriate when you’ve got hypertension, epilepsy, chest ache, or an energetic ear an infection.

Anulom-Vilom Pranayama
Methods to do: Shut your eyes and sit in Padmasana. Use the proper thumb to shut the proper nostril. Inhale slowly by means of the left nostril, taking in as a lot air as you possibly can to fill your lungs. Take away the thumb out of your proper nostril and exhale. Whereas exhaling, use the center finger to shut your left nostril and inhale along with your proper nostril. Take away the thumb from the proper nostril and exhale. Carry out for 2-5 minutes.

Contraindications: Don’t carry out, if you’re taking drugs for blood stress. The identical may be completed with out holding your breath.


– Deepika Dikshit, Senior Yoga Instructor, Jindal Naturecure Institute