Sleeping This The body’s way to maintain and repair its health. HoweverWhen you wake up from sleep, it’s possible to feel extreme pain in your neck or shoulders. This This could be due to an unnatural angle in the neck or a head that strains and strains muscles, ligaments and joints. The Different Some types of pain may be caused by stress and strain on the muscles. This includes tension headaches, weak arms and pain in neck and shoulders. While Although While medication may temporarily relieve the pain, yoga can be a great option for relieving neck and shoulder pain due to bad sleeping habits. Yoga This This prevents strain from occurring and allows the body to move and be active.

Right Posture To Sleep

There There You have two choices when it comes to sleeping: sideways, or back. It Uses A flat pillow is a good option to protect your head. To support the curves of the neck, a neck roll can be used. It Avoids A stiff or too high-quality pillow. It It can cause stiffness and pain when you wake up.

Yoga Poses To Relieve Neck And Shoulder Pain

Whether These For neck and shoulder pains due to long hours at work or poor sleeping habits, yoga poses are great.

Cat-Cow Pose

How to do:

● Come on, all fours

● Make Keep your wrists at the shoulders, and your knees at the hips.

● Maintain The Balance is equally distributed between all four

● Inhale Keep Keep your eyes open and allow your stomach to sink towards the ground.

● Exhale Place Keep your chin up and draw the navel towards the front.

● Repeat Take Relax for a while and take a break

The Pose Strengthens neck and shoulders.

Standing Forward Bend Pos

How to do:

● Stand In Mountain pose

● Inhale While Arms raising

● While ExhaleNow, bend forward and pull your belly in.

● Place Let Place your hand on the ground and let your head hang from the ceiling.

● Keep Relax Your neck

● Hold Keep For a few seconds, remain in the same position and then slowly release.

This This helps relieve tension in the neck and spine. It Your spine will remain strong and flexible.

Sphinx Pose

● Lie On Place your stomach on the mat, and then place your toes on the ground.

● Stretch Place Place your hands forward and your palms down.

● While Slowly Inhale deeply and lift your head, chest and abdomen.

● The Mat should touch the navel

● Pull With Supported by your arms, lift up the mat from the ground by raising the torso.

● Keep Place Place your feet together, and exhale slowly.

● Hold Release for some time

It Expands The chest and shoulders. It It also strengthens the spine and neck.

Child’s Pose

How to do:

● Sit On Your heels should be bent in front of your forehead so that you can reach the mat.

● Stretch Place Your arms should be in front, with your palms facing upwards.

● Press The Chest to the thighs

● Hold Hold Hold the position for a few moments, then release.

It Relaxes The spine, back and shoulders.

Legs Up The Wall Pose

How to do:

● Lie On The back, near a wall

● The Your The wall should be touched by the buttocks

● Lift Place Your legs should be against the wall. Place your arms along the sides.

● Take Deepening Keep your breathing steady for around a minute.

It It helps relieve pain and relaxes the neck, shoulders and back.

Final Say

It It is always a good idea to sleep on your side or back with support. Practising Yoga It is also a good idea to exercise regularly in order to maintain flexibility and avoid cramping.