“To keep the body in good health is a duty” – Buddha

As per the saying, we must follow a proper lifestyle to have good health, a strong and clear mind. All of us have habits that include both healthy and unhealthy habits. The daily routine of every one of us is combined with these, unlike patterns.

Finding an ideal routine and adopting will help to energize and regain wellness. Here are some wellness routines that may help to gain an energetic and healthy lifestyle.

Start the Day

  • Drink two cups of water every day in the morning that keeps you hydrated and reduces the constipation
  • Avoid having tea or coffee immediately after waking up or at empty stomach
  • Working out at least 15 to 30 minutes in the morning helps in boosting your energy levels.
  • The early morning workout helps in getting more sunlight to the body and burns the fat reserves of the body.
  • Don’t skip the breakfast
  • Have a healthy breakfast filled in with protein, fiber, and healthy fats.


At Work Place

  • Have a proper posture while sitting at the workplace
  • Move up from your place; take a short break once in an hour to avoid sedentariness and to relive from the eyestrain.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to avoid fatigue at work.
  • Have lunch that fuels you up rather than the foods that slow you down like premade sandwiches, pizza and deep-fried items.
  • Avoid taking hot tea or coffee immediately after your lunch


Back to Home

  • Have a shower, if needed, to make you feel fresh after the whole day outside the home.
  • Unhealthy foods are everywhere, but you should restrain and choose healthy food.
  • Plan for a healthy evening snack. Munch on Peanuts, Fruits, and Carrots to energize you.
  • Avoid eating out regularly; if going out; consider taking only half the food you make at home.
  • Put away screens (Mobile, Television, or computers) at least half an hour before your bedtime as the blue lights emitted from it tamps down the body from preparing for the sleep.
  • Before sleep, ensure your bed and sheets are clean to avoid pollens or dust that makes you sick.
  • Have at least a sound sleep of 6 to 7 hours a day that makes you fresh and prepared for the next day.


We can’t change the entire lifestyle overnight, but it can be done gradually by practice-changing your routine to a healthy one. Remember, the routine or plan given here is just a basic thing, and you are the one to decide your daily routine for wellness and healthy life.

Follow the healthy routine and have great wellness!