Naturopathy is a medical science without the usage of drugs. It believes that different diseases and health problems can be prevented or cured completely by making use of various natural remedies. This type of treatment comes with absolutely no side-effects. Such natural remedies may include herbal massage, acupuncture, Yoga, diet management, etc.

Many of the principles and philosophies of naturopathy had originated in Germany and Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. However, there are facts which also states that these type of treatments includes therapies which are even centuries old. It was recently that this medical practice had gained a lot of attention and importance from people all over the world. 

Why should people take an interest in Naturopathy?

In today’s time, when allopathic treatment can cure many diseases and health problems in a short span, it can also cause various health problems as a result of its side-effects. On the other hand, people are getting more drawn towards Naturopathy treatment because it has no side-effects and it focuses on curing the problem of its roots. 

Practice Naturopathy for staying fit during lockdown due to COVID-19

Most of the countries across the globe have been under a complete lockdown due to the unstoppable spread of COVID-19. Due to lockdown, many things have come to a standstill, and people are not allowed to step out of their homes. In such a situation when all gyms, fitness centres and even walking in public parks are banned; what can people do to stay fit and healthy? Well, Naturopathy is one of the most effective ways which can help you stay fit not only not but throughout your life span. 

So here are the five Naturopathy tips for staying fit during the lockdown

  1. Naturopathy believes in a healthy state of mind

This system of medicine believes that if a person wants to stay fit and healthy, then one should not only focus on his/her physical health but also mental health. Therefore the experts of Naturopathy recommend people to start their day with a smile and positive thoughts. At the time of lockdown, people need to stay positive and Naturopathy can simply help you do the same. 

  1. Follow a strict exercise and Yoga regime

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. Keeping the same in mind, one should make a routine to perform some or the other type of physical exercise in the morning. The exercise can include Yoga, stretching, Aerobics, Zumba, etc. We all are staying indoors and these days, problems of back pain, headache, etc have become more common. Therefore, follow a strict exercise regime to relieve your body from such pains. 

  1. Add Neem powder to your bathing water

These days, we all are encouraging one another to promote as much hygiene as we can. Apart from washing hands multiple times, using masks, gloves and sanitizer, what else can be done for the same? Naturopathy recommends people to add Neem powder in their bathing water to make sure no germs causing irritation or health problems are left behind on your skin, Neem powder is used because of its high medicinal properties and it is natural without any preservatives. 

  1. Castor oil can help you improve indigestion

There is no hiding to the fact that people are engaging themselves in more lavish home-cooked meals during this lockdown to tickle their taste buds. However, what people are not considering is that consuming such food items can take a toll on their liver. To prevent the same, people can apply castor oil on their abdomen for about 30 minutes, as it is known to improve digestion. 

  1. Eat healthily and do not skip meals

During this time, when there is no vaccine or medicine still invented which can cure or prevent COVID-19, it is very important to follow a healthy diet and eat at regular intervals to improve metabolism. Once the metabolism has improved, a person can fight viruses, bacteria, and other infections more strongly. 

Apart from the above-given naturopathy tips, there are many more tips inspired by Naturopathy treatment, which people can follow to stay absolutely fit and healthy during the lockdown. Naturopathy treatment is best suited for you if you have been suffering from a prolonged chronic illness. However, this treatment is also effective for people who don’t want to go with treatments involving heavy medicines to treat lifestyle disorders.