With natural therapies such as Naturopathy, Yoga & Acupuncture, one may experience an initial increase in symptoms, or what is known as a ‘healing crisis’. This crisis usually lasts around three or four days and can be similar to what one experiences when ill. Also known as “Herxheimer Reaction” (medical term).

Process of Healing Crisis:

To understand the process, let’s look, for example, the development of a bacterial infection which start with a scratchy throat, and then develop into other bodily symptoms, including fever. Within a few days, the fever along with other bodily symptoms reaches a peak, and then slowly drops. This is the natural course of the body’s healing mechanism. Naturally, many people, when they are ill with a cold or flu, become impatient, particularly if it lasts longer than a few days, and seek outside intervention like antibiotics.

Antibiotics can be very effective only by interrupting the natural cycle of bacterial infections however, this interruption is not a mae healing, but rather, a suppression of the symptoms. If the antibiotic kills the microorganisms responsible for the illness, the distressful symptoms subside. The body, though is now flooded with dead microorganisms. If it has the strength and vitality to detoxify these toxic residuals through the kidneys, liver, skin, and intestines, then there is no problem in regaining health. If, however, the body lacks vitality because of poor nuffition or lack of fluid intake, then the body is not able to completely flush out these toxic metabolic wastes. This is the only effective and permanent cure for chronic illnesses and diseases such as rheumatism, bronchial asthma, and allergies which many times are the result of symptomatic treatments. The symptoms in a healing crisis are the result of unlocking the toxic storage places & expelling the accumulated toxins from the body.

Healing Crisis Symptoms:

How to deal with the healing crisis?

The body needs adequate nutrition, a well functioning endocrine system and a storehouse of resources to draw upon in order to repair itself. It is imperative that a patient never take aspirin or any antipyretic medication during a healing crisis, as it will cause suppression of the disease process and possibly push it deeper into the body.

  • See it as a positive sign of progress
  • Eat a large variety of vegetables Rest more and cut back on strenuous exercise.
  • Decrease alcohol and stimulant intake.
  • Good intake of pure clean water (alkaline).
  • Avoid stress as much as possible.
  • Increase fiber intake
  • Meditation can help to manage symptoms
  • Stick with your detoxification programme.

Healing crisis & disease crisis:

Both may look alike by their outward manifestations, but they are taking place under different conditions.

A disease crisis is when the body is loaded to its toleration point with toxins and waste. And these accumulate & inhibit the organs from performing their normal functions until finally a chronic disease manifests.

A healing crisis develops because the healing forces are in the ascending. Through natural living and a balanced diet, the body gets stronger and digs into crisis.

What is the outcome of healing crisis?

Experiencing a healing crisis does not guarantee a person will be cured of all conditions. But its significance lies in a better understanding of the person’s vital force. It also allows the body to move through layers of disturbed metabolism and realign itself with its innate cellular memory. Generally, a person’s quality of life is improved and the immune system is strengthened on many levels. It also enables the body to remove the obstacles to cure.

Improved Health: The ultimate goal of a healing crisis

While being stricken with increased suffering for doing the right thing for your body -the end result is improved health. Understanding the biological activities taking place as a result of detoxification can help you overcome feelings of anger and depression that you may feel while undergoing a healing crisis. A person who is already afflicted with disease is likely to experience more severe side effects from the detoxification process than is a person who performs a routine detoxification cleanse multiple times in a year. Remember that the discomfort experienced is only temporary and is the result of the body pulling out old toxins.

As Albert Schweitzer so aptly expressed it, “a good therapy is one that stimulates the healer within.”

“Is a common experience centered on the basis that you become worse before you feel better.”