Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore aims to provide delicious and wholesome meals to its patients. The institute prepares healthy meals for patients using farm-fresh vegetables such as tomato, beetroot, carrots, and ginger, grown in the campus of the institute. Here are the health benefits of some of the crops grown in the farm of the institute.

  • Millets: Millet is a cereal crop which is grown across the world for its wide array of health benefits. There are different types of millets such as pearl, proso, kodo, barnyard, etc. Millet is rich in protein, calcium, iron, minerals, etc. Moreover, it is a Ragi crop which has essential amino acids.
  • Ginger: The phenolic compound present in ginger help to relieve gastric irritation, stimulate the production of bile and saliva. It also helps in suppressing gastric contractions. 


Here are the recipes for preparing healthy meals for the patients.

  • Tomato Ginger Soup: All the vegetables are steamed and then made into a puree. It is brought to boil and simmered for a while. The seasoning is adjusted with salt and pepper.
  • Prosomillet Bisibelle Bath: You need to cook the tur pulses and the Proso millet. After boiling the pulses, in a pan fry the curry leaves, chillies and onions in mustard oil. You then need to add the steamed vegetables and cover the pan. Add the sambar powder, chilli powder, ginger-garlic paste, garam masala, and turmeric powder. Then you need to add water and bring the vegetables to boil and cook for about 10 minutes. Add the tamarind pulp, cooked dal, and proso millet to the pan and adjust the seasoning. Add salt, mint and coriander leaves.


Patients at Jindal Naturecure are offered nutritious meals as a part of their holistic treatment. When you take up accommodation at Jindal Naturecure for treatment, you will get delicious and healthy food such as tomato ginger soup, prosomillet bisebele bath, kosambari, sattu laddo and more. An expert dietician and naturopathy doctor plan the diet that we provide to our patients. Get in touch with us to know how a proper diet can help prevent and treat many medical ailments.