Detox diets do have a long-lasting positive impact on health and well-being. From juice cleanses to fruit diets, several detox diets claim to help the body release toxins, stimulate the liver, and improve circulation while helping relieve stress. Detox diets may seem all the rage, but it is important to note that some are more effective than others. Here are a few popular detox diets:

1. Liquid Cleanse 

Liquid cleanse is one of the most popular detox diets. Some examples include fresh fruit, vegetables, lemon water, or vinegar as the main detoxifying ingredient.

However, it isn’t sustainable and may also cause a host of side effects including, kidney stones, low blood sugar and bacterial infections.

2. Liver Cleanse

The Liver Cleanse is designed to directly improve the liver and kidney functioning and hence accelerate toxin elimination within the body. This detox diet eliminates all processed foods, meat, fish, and dairy, along with solid fats and added sugars. However, the diet may not offer the balanced nutrition required for effective, long-term results.

The above diets may prove to be effective, but they are not without their side effects. If you’re looking for safe and natural detoxification treatment in Bangalore, consult naturopathy doctors at Jindal Naturecure Institute. The doctors can recommend a liver cleanse diet that helps you get maximum benefits with minimum side effects.

3. Naturopathic Detox Diet

A naturopathic detox diet focuses on a balanced diet and provides carbohydrate, protein, fat and minerals as also natural nutrients, where the food consumed is free of artificial ingredients and chemical preservatives. It is designed to lighten your toxic load, and encourage a healthy, sustainable diet and lifestyle. It can bring about long-term, positive results ranging from weight loss to glowing skin.

Some of the foods consumed in the naturopathic diet include:

  • Raw vegetables and fruits
  • Steamed and cooked vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fresh herbs and spices
  • Whole grains


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